Commemoration of Moharram: a simple and “humanist” approach….

“I don’t know much about religion, nor do I claim to be any kind of a theology researcher. If anything, I am just a plain simple human being, one amongst you.

If any Muslim (or anybody who knows  about Islam) is asked: “Who is the most significant or principal….personality in Islam?”

Simple and straight, the reply will be: “Prophet Mohammed PBUH”. I am sure all of you agree with this simple yet most significant fact. He is the very basis of Islam….yes, you have the Quran and Hadith and that’s where the teachings come from. Allah SWT could have just sent the Quran down amongst us and said : ok, I have sent my “word” , my Book. Now, you read it and follow it but He did not do that. He sent not one but 124000 Messengers, of which Prophet Mohammed PBUH was the last and final.

Now, I will present you with an analogy. I have some very good friends, who have become family to me, have been with me through “thick and thin” as they say. Allah forbid (may He keep all our children and families safe and happy) if one of my friends loses a child, can I pretend that nothing has happened? Can I say, my friend is fine, it is only her child that has died, how does it matter to me. This is only a friend we are talking about. There is absolutely no comparison between her / him and Prophet Mohammed PBUH (well, if you are a true Muslim, you would agree with my statement).

Based on this simple yet profound comparison, how can one ignore such a huge tragedy (that has been verified and recorded and is an undeniable fact) with the Prophet’s PBUH family? How can you not commemorate it each year? How can you actually criticise and ridicule other people, who remember Imam Hussain AS each year?

It has been a long time since…….

but when you lose a loved one, do you not miss them all through your life…..

how can the family of the Prophet PBUH not be dear to you?

Least you can do is refrain from enjoying / partying for the first 10 days of Moharram as a mark of respect for our beloved Prophet PBUH.

Is that too much to ask?

As I said at the beginning, I am not a scholar or a preacher but I am a sensitive human being and the Prophet PBUH and His family are close to my heart.

So, when I hear or read about the atrocities they had to face, my heart goes out to them.

By no means am I talking about the ritualistic believes and values. Just simple, human compassion and understanding.

My greatest desire is to unite people and the divisions and hatred in this world break my heart. What is worse is, all this is propagated in the name of religion……If each one of us could contribute in whatever way we can, I am sure things will get better. I know I sound very simplistic and ignorant but I have faith that these differences can be resolved…..

God Bless you all!




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