This is just the beginning!!!!

I am very frustrated as I write this.
What has brought this on?
A letter in the post this morning from the council.
Contents: Farhan’s school transport is being stopped.
Reason: He is capable of travelling on public transport.
Decision made by some fool sitting in his / her office having no idea about Farhan’s condition, literally based on a piece of paper (form) filled by us (and having obviously ignored all the additional evidence we sent!!!!).
I am furious to say the least. Anyone who knows Farhan will know what I mean. The least these morons had to do was to contact his school for information or even his bus driver / guide. These are people who know Farhan and see him all the time. Instead of this senseless “paperwork” going back and forth, all they need to do is get in touch with the school. I am sure that would be an effective, time-saving and profitable method of decision-making.
I am sorry for my language but I am totally and utterly fed up of the system. The whole system needs be got hold off and shaken up from top to bottom if this country needs to go anywhere.
On the one hand there are people who are totally idle and scrounging, living off the government resources (our taxes!). Will it surprise anybody if I say that a person on benefits brings home more money than a clerk in NHS or any other middle grade job?
Then there are these stupid cuts affecting people like us who want make a straightforward and honest living. They blame it on policies! Who is making these policies that make absolutely no sense for any sensible individual?!!!
This is just the beginning. I am willing to take this as far and high as I need to….so, watch this space……
Okay, so I call this number they have given me. Speak with the lady, who is seated at their “customer service” desk. I explain my situation to her in detail and ask to speak to someone in charge. She takes my number and says her manager will call me back. This was on Tuesday.
It is Thursday today. I have waited but to no avail. I call back and she tells me she has not spoken to me at all. When I jolt her memory, she says she might have spoken, she gets hundreds of calls a day. She is so disinterested and “complacent”. The least you expect is for the person at the other end to show some interest.
Then she tells me that they “the customer service desk” are our only point of contact and they can not do anything. What is the point of sitting there if you can not do anything and you can not put us in touch with anybody who can?!!!! She has given me her manager’s email address. He is surely going to hear from me!
We are definitely going ahead with the appeal. Just waiting for an appointment with the gp to get a supporting letter. We will be putting in ALL the papers we can, as evidence. However, is anybody going to even look at it properly? If they had looked at Farhan’s application properly in the first place, I don’t think they would have taken this decision.
When will this country be rid of its bureaucracy and have straightforward policies to help the common man?!!!!
 Hi all.
A short note to let you know that our appeal was accepted and now Farhan is (or will be) “back on the road again”. I am not sure if they looked at all the evidence carefully in this instance or if my efforts on social media made a difference. Either way, Farhan has got back what was rightfully his.
My special thanks to “”. It is a voluntary organisation which helps families with disabled children / young adults. They were so helpful and forthcoming. Thank you guys. You are doing a great job.
As for Birmingham City Council, they definitely need to look in to training their staff to develop good customer relation skills. Yes, we are all aware of the funding crisis. However, a smile or a polite conversation does not cost anything.

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