Islamophobia actually exists in the dictionary

Okay, time to let some steam off and get on with life. That’s what you do……you can not change the world… would be naive if you think you can……you can influence people’s thinking if you are passionate enough….that’s about all you can do……

There was a time when I did believe that we should not stand up for ourselves and that society is fair. I am beginning to realise how wrong I was.

Today, living as a Muslim anywhere in the world is a huge challenge in itself. You have to put with all the lies and misinformation, day in, day out……

What triggered this off was this:

“The Nigerian-born Christian believes the passenger next to him assumed he was a Muslim and jumped to the conclusion that he may be a terrorist.”

WOW!, if you are a Muslim, you are more likely to be a terrorist. At this point, my blood is at “boiling point”. If you read the article I have mentioned above, you will come across many more such allusions.

Yes, there is a huge bunch of imbeciles out there, who are responsible for this “black mark” on our religion and I don’t condone them. They need to be dealt with… whatever way…..but that certainly that does not give anyone the right to assume all Muslims are “likely to be terrorists or radical”.

First of all, if we go back in History…..(we don’t have to go into the distant past) we will witness a few more “terrorists”. What about the IRA? Are you ready to label all Irish people as terrorists? What about the Tamil liberation Front in Srilanka? Will you label all Tamils as terrorists? How about the Sikh insurgency in the 1980’s? Are all Sikhs terrorists? How about the Ku Klux Klan? Are all American whites terrorists? Just a few examples. I don’t mean to offend any particular group of people but I am totally fed up of the way Muslims are being abused throughout the world thanks to a few dirty fish.

Moving on, everybody, who is anybody is fully aware of the source of this mighty evil in society. If they are really so worried, why don’t they take action? This whole problem can be solved if the so-called powerful governments “really” get to the root of this and tackle the issue rather than playing games in the Middle East. I am not mentioning any names  of countries or organisations because as I said at the beginning my “words” are not going to change the world. If I can not do anything positive, I do not believe in saying things (which I know is the truth) which will stir trouble.

Would love to have your opinion (for or against my views)……..if you could spare the time….


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