Doctors:looters or saviours?

I would like to begin this blog with thanking Jeremy Hunt for bringing doctors’ situation to the forefront. They have suffered in silence long enough…..Now thanks to his stupid extreme ideas, the long suffering “race” is having the opportunity to actually speak up and defend itself.

Oh my God, how I used to cringe inwardly when people used to comment on how doctors are having their cake and eating it too…….So, yeah, thank you Mr Hunt, in all your stupidity, you might actually be helping their cause in a way.

For ages, medicine (being a doctor) has been acclaimed as a noble profession, which indeed it is for a lot of doctors. I have lived among doctors long enough, I should know.

As they say even “one dirty fish spoils the pond”. So, it is with doctors as well. As with any profession, they are in there to earn money as well. That should not be held against them as long as it does not affect patient care or safety. Lets go one step ahead and even add affordability.

Let’s look at a very simple analogy here. In Great Britain, how many people would think twice before take a mortgage. That is the only way ahead to “own” a property, hence considered as a “norm”. Why does anybody not grudge the amount of interest we pay and protest against it? So, why do you moan if you have to pay for a doctor’s service? ….in any case you do have NHS…..

In the U.K. doctors can not even think of earning a single extra penny (apart from the pittance they get from the NHS) until they complete their training. This training could be anything from 7 – 10 years after medical school. At this stage of life, most of their contemporaries in banking / finance / consulting sectors are well established financially. After spending the prime of their life, working their backsides off (sorry for the French), do they not deserve a few comforts in life……

Are you even aware of the long hours and sleepless nights they have to endure to make sure that their patients are safe and well? Before the European work directive, my husband used to work from Saturday morning until Monday evening without a break. Some weekends used to be relaxed but on others he was rushed off his feet. He still had to report for work as normal on Monday morning.

..and the times, when he is back home (as he has officially finished work) but a patient of his needs his attention….he is on the phone constantly checking and goes back in if he needs to.

…..number of times, he has given his mobile number to his patients if he thinks they might need him……

There are a lot of doctors, who go beyond their call of duty. They are in the profession because they actually care. Sometimes, patients come even before family, if such a situation arises.

If doctors are in there for the “loot” as some people believe, I should be a billionaire by now as I have lived with 3 generations of doctors.

Yes!!!! I am a billionaire, of a different sort: I am proud of my “doctors” for their selfless service all their life. I feel honoured to have these people in my life. Living with them, I have learnt a lot: values that have enriched my life much more than money could (ever do)

So, please, folks, when you think of doctors, give them the respect they deserve, if nothing more…..






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