…..my Delhi saga….

To continue my previous post……

We landed in New Delhi after an uneventful and dare I say, comfortable flight. We were tired due to the delay but managed to catch up on much needed shut-eye on the flight.

Once we landed, it was a “return” to chaos. Nobody knew anything about the delayed flight or our connection. We had to collect our luggage from the belt (although it was a connecting flight and our luggage should have been checked through to Hyderabad).

Eventually we were asked to go to another counter and join another long queue (after a couple of security checks). The check-in was utter chaos. Passengers were unable to get onward flights. Hence, another long wait.

However, credit where it is due……a member of staff, who was checking in spotted my little one (who as absolutely shattered by then and very restless) and called us to the top of the queue and checked us in. I am very grateful for that. There was another wait of 3 hours but still, we had a confirmed flight.

Nevertheless, fellow passengers were really “mis-handled”. Some of them had to go, yet, to another counter for their onward flights. Once again I was amazed at their patience and sense of calm. Wow!!!! Some didn’t have a connection until the next day,

So, yes, we reached Hyderabad almost 30 hours late but we were in one piece and our luggage was intact!



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