Intolerance : a global threat (an introduction)

I remember a time when our friend’s mum…no, wait…she was actually part of our family…my grandfather treated her as a daughter…yes, she was from a practising Brahmin household and my family was a practising Muslim family

…….well, her mum used to send us huge boxes of freshly made ladoos, hot and yummy sambar saadam…even now my mouth waters when I think of it……..and a lot of other things, not to mention the times she invited us for dinner……….there was not a single thought in our mind that she was not “one of us” and the feeling was mutual.

Even today, thankfully, there are still some people around who share my sentiments of mutual love and respect but that breed is soon depleting. So much so that I sometimes wish I had lived and died in that era of my grandparents. It scares me to think of the future: the future, we are leaving behind for our children……

If you think about it, what does one need to maintain a pleasant relationship……..not much…….most relevant, probably, is tolerance……we have a saying in Urdu which roughly translates as “you can not clap with one hand”. I remember this from when I was little. It is a simple message but when you explore it, it has a deeper meaning.

Sometimes, all it needs is for you to literally stop that one word stumbling off your tongue. You might find it hard at that precise moment. However, if you restrain yourself at that moment and think about that moment when you have “cooled” down, you will thank yourself.

I am aware that we do not have much control over what is happening in the wider world but I think we all need to do our bit and that “bit” would go a long way.

That’s it for now……there is a lot “brewing” in my brain but it will have to wait……

To be continued.



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