Nutty vanilla cupcakes

Hullo friends and followers, here’s presenting the very humble cupcake with a slight twist. There were two reasons for making these cuppies. Well, not that you need a reason…..but first, as far as possible I like to give my little one home-made goodies. That way I know what has gone in to it and it is free from preservatives. Having said that, I use normal flour and baking powder if I have to. I have not ventured in to the “organic zone”. It is way too expensive and not readily available.

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Oh yeah, the second reason was that I had some leftover butter icing sitting in my fridge. Incidentally, it is still in my fridge. I might have to throw it. I don’t like throwing food but obviously health is more important. Back to my cupcakes, they were so delicious, didn’t want to spoil them with the icing. Not a great fan of icing. I use it some times just to glam my bakes.

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I love nuts in cakes. So, what I did this time was replace 50 grams of self-raising flour with a mix of coarsely chopped cashews, pistachios and walnuts. Those were the nuts I had. You could use any combination or even just one. Believe me, it took the cakes to a whole new level.

I was not planning to blog these as they were nothing special. So, I didn’t take any pictures except for a couple (I absolutely have to click anything I bake). However, when I tasted one, I knew I had to share the recipe as they were absolutely yummy!!!

So, here goes folks



Butter (at room temperature) 125 gms
Caster Sugar 125 gms
Eggs (medium) 2
Self raising flour 75 gms
Vanilla extract 2 tsps
Cashews + Pistachios + Walnuts (coarsely chopped) 50 gms
Orange juice (optional) 2 tbs
Orange zest (optional) 1 orange


Preheat oven to 190*C.

Lightly grease the cupcake tray and line it with cupcake liners. If you are using silicon moulds,then skip the greasing and just put the cupcake liners in.

Measure out all your ingredients and set them aside. Make sure they are all at room temperature.

Melt butter. Set aside.


In a large bowl (or in the bowl of your stand mixer) break the eggs and whisk them with the caster sugar until they reach a ribbon like consistency. Add the melted butter and blend it in. Add the vanilla essence and mix making sure the mixture does not lose its air.

Add the orange juice at this stage if using and mix it well using a spatula or a spoon or you could just mix it in at the lowest speed of your stand mixer.

Sift the self-raising flour through a sieve twice to make it light. Add the chopped mixed nuts to the sifted self-raising flour. Add the orange zest to the self-raising flour as well. This is to ensure that it is distributed evenly and does not sink to the bottom of your cup cake. Add this mix to the wet ingredients that you have already mixed together and mix it well but do not overdo it.

Fill the cupcake moulds up to 3/4 making sure there is space for the batter to rise as it bakes. Place the cup cake tray / moulds on the middle shelf of the oven and bake for about 15 – 20 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Once you have baked a few times, you can even  look at the cup cakes and tell if they are baked or not.

Once baked, take them out of the oven. Let them cool in the moulds / cupcake trays for about 10 minutes. You could take them out after this and continue to cool them on a cooling rack or serve them at this stage.

If you are icing them, then wait until they are completely cool or the icing will melt. I was planning to ice them but they tasted so yummy on their own, didn’t bother to ice them.



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