Charity should be a way of life…..

This morning, I read this on a friend’s page “charity should be way of life” and that got me started. To be honest, I have been thinking,…….contemplating about how our life has changed over the years. Don’t get me wrong, it is not all bad but when I think of all the “excesses”, it does make me sad.

Let me give you a simple example and most of us do this (haven’t used “are guilty of” deliberately). We go to the supermarket for our weekly / bi-weekly shop, see an offer and load the trolley……some kind of incentive, chalo, yeh bhi dal lo. We don’t realise that these are just sales gimmicks sometimes. Do we stop and think? Do we really need this? Don’t we have a stock at home already?  Sometimes, you bring these things, put them away at the bottom of your store cupboard / freezer, as the case may be, and forget about it. Yes, one thing you and I could do is, if there is a good offer or discount, we could buy some stock for the local food bank. It is easy enough and you are helping someone in need.

At this stage you must be thinking, she is confusing issues here. Actually I am not. I feel (and this is my personal view) that the two are inter-linked. You and I have to rethink and adjust our wants to be able to share what we have. When you think “charity”, you don’t have to think of a huge donation. Well, if God has blessed you abundantly and you are able to, then that is a different scenario. You know they say “neki aur pooch pooch?”.

Another simple way of sharing……you can maintain a tin / child’s piggy bank / old biscuit tin, whatever. Make it a point to put away a few coins every day. Empty it at the end of the month / 2 months and give it away. Easy? Or you could go one step ahead, when you feel you are treading into the “excess zone”, be brave, be generous, put the money into the tin instead. It could just be that you have already been out a few times that week or had one too many takeaways…….in this way, you are looking after your health and maybe that of somebody else. You will feel so much better within yourself and on a physical level.

If we go a little further, how many dresses and shoes each one of us has, is there a limit? Oh yes, from time to time we clear out our unwanted stuff and give it away for “charity” and feel so good about it. Have we ever slowed down and thought about it? Do we really need so many outfits? I know quite a few ladies, who would never “repeat” an outfit, especially if it is in the same crowd. Sorry if I am offending anybody here but I find that really shallow. If your friends like and admire you for your dresses…….then stop and think…….are these people really your friends? That is a different issue, so I will leave it at that. I mean think of the thousands who do not know where their next meal is going to come from. All of us like to look good (including myself, yes, I like to look good too 🙂 ) but……

Weddings, do I need to say more…….everybody has aspirations / desire for their son’s / daughter’s weddings . All of us have a right to enjoy / celebrate our children’s happiness and include our friends and family. That’s what we have worked hard for all our lives, I mean for our children’s happiness. However, think about reducing some thing as insignificant as the amount of fresh flowers and giving that money away, it might be enough to have a simple ceremony for a deserving couple back home. How about having a simple ceremony in a mosque / church / temple and having a joint reception? By His Grace, we are blessed abundantly and we can afford it but let’s think of those who can not. God willing, I will have my turn as well. As of now, my little one says, “mum I want to have a simple ceremony at the Mosque and a reception with people that matter” but that might change and then, there is his mum’s wishes and desires to contend with…….LOL! On a serious note,  I pray that He guides me when the time comes……

There is so much more and I could go on and on……

Sorry if I hurt any sentiments. That was not my intention. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I tend to make comparisons with the past. When I look back,I see my parents and my grandparents……they lived such a simple life, yet they were much more content and at peace. Sometimes I feel they actually “lived life” whilst we are just going through the motions. Charity was and is a way of their life. They have always shared what they had, whether it was plenty or little.

Once again, apologies and I was thinking of society at large (that includes me as well) and not anybody in particular.


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