Lemonade / Strawberriade / Orangeade / Melonade maybe!

A few days back I had lemons lying in my fridge, quite a few of them. I didn’t want to spoil them. Was wondering what to do and it is Ramadan and my husband loves a cool refreshing drink for iftaar (breaking your fast). Well, who doesn’t?

Got my thinking hat on. Had some lychee juice drink in the fridge as well and I normally combine lychee drink with lemon as it is too sweet to drink on its own.

So, well, I squeezed the lemons and added the juice to the lychee drink and froze it in small boxes and in a ice cube bag.

The idea is to use a few cubes whenever I need them. Mix them with water or soda water or for a better flavour with freshly squeezed orange juice / strawberry juice or whatever takes your fancy.

The Recipe

5 large lemons

1/2 litre Lychee juice drink (store bought)

You can adjust sweetness according to your taste by adding extra sugar, I didn’t.


Squeeze the lemons and mix the juice with the lychee drink.

Pour in small plastic containers or ice cube tray / bag and freeze.

Take out as many as you need on the day and add them to water / soda water / lemonade / orange juice / strawberry juice.

If you need a glass of juice, just use about 2 cubes.

Strawberry Lemonade (my version)



Wash and dry strawberries, about 4 – 5 per glass. Blend them and put the puree through a sieve. If strawberries are sour, use a little sugar.

Just before serving, add 2 cubes of your lemon – lychee mix, which you have frozen and you have a really refreshing and delicious drink within minutes.

It does help if you have a load of strawberries fresh from you back garden! 🙂



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