Just a tiny one…

Last time I asked for feedback from my eeny-weeny but lovely group of “followers”…..by the way, followers is just a “blogging term”…….well, ok, coming back to my “mudda” (mudda – topic)….there was some one who wanted a short blog from me, and we like to please….as much as possible…….so, here goes…..

Something, no, wait…….one of the things that has been nagging me for a while………how superficial and shallow have we become. All that matters to a lot of people, I repeat, a lot of people (read, not all) is looks. They say if you are not attracted by looks how can you go beyond….hmmmmm……logical thinking……

…but believe me, sometimes it helps to go beyond looks and explore. First and foremost you are pleasing your “benefactor” (using this word here but it could vary depending on what is on offer). Good.

Next, do you remember the fairy tales you listened to / read when you were younger, “treasure” was always buried deep inside. So, you have to dig sometimes to get to your “treasure”

……also, not many people will venture as far as you, they are going to look and walk away…so, you are a winner all round.

Okay, one small example from my life, then we will move on; when we came to view the house we are living in, it was so messy. The old couple had been living here for 50 years, need I say more

…..well, we decided to buy it anyway because we could see beyond all that clutter….and to cut a long story short

……when I came in after they had moved out, WOW! was I amazed at the space!.

….. and the money we saved on the sale, we could invest in doing up the house as we wanted it

….. and the old couple had their sale as well and could move on (the house had been on the market for 2 years before we bought it).

Win, win situation. It pays to look beyond the surface!

Nowadays, it starts from food and goes on right up to would-be spouses. One thing that matters is “looks”.

OMG, did you see her / him, she is so dark!!! (well that is the main criticism in our culture)

……..look at her house, it is so messy!!! Hasn’t her mother taught her how to clean?!!!!

Don’t touch that dish, it looks so yucky!!! and that takes me to my next example (this was supposed to be short…sorry…..I will finish soon, I promise)

……when you have a one-dish party (pot-luck to some), one look at your dish and people will just go past…..this has happened to me once or twice….but…..the one or two people who tasted it actually wanted to take some home and also wanted the recipe……..so, the others don’t know what they have lost, hehehe…..where did I get that from, I was brought up to believe “self-praise is no praise”.

Anyway folks, just a little thought: try and look beyond the “look”, you never know what you might discover!!!

PS : A huge thank you to all of you who sent me feedback last time. It is good to know your thoughts and that keeps me motivated. One tiny (today is a day for “tiny”) request, could you please do your likes (I am not asking you to like but if you do) and comments on my blog.  That would be very helpful.


5 thoughts on “Just a tiny one…

  1. Good one Chaana! In this day n age of promos n marketing…looks sadly rule in almost every walk of life. But there still are a few who dig deeper to find that treasure.

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      1. Gosh, Anees- you’ve struck a chord here- shallow and superficial in being fixated by looks and then, being impressed with people for the clothes they wear and then, how many parties one gets invited to becoming a strutting- around point! Fake compliments, insincere words becoming the order of the day and people making contacts and extending their social circle by “working on” others, instead of building meaningful relationships and genuine friendships. Oh dear……….have just realised how cynical I sound……….

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      1. You have put down your thoughts very well. One more thing that has been bothering me is the high number of people who are opting for cosmetic surgery .


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