I am on a roll!!!

Ok guys I am on a roll!!! Not sure in which direction this blog is heading. At the moment I am working on everything I enjoy. Perhaps when I have a few posts, I will organise them under appropriate topics. For now, I would say. let the juices flow…..

Today, I am here with another one of my passions: FOOD!!!  It never fails to excite me, right from simple home food such as dal chawal (lentil and rice made the Indian way) with papad and achar to biryani to bread and cakes, ……….the list is endless. I just love making and eating food!!!

My taste in food keeps evolving all the time. At the moment I am into baking and really enjoying the experience. No, I do not have any childhood memories of baking…..no, wait, I am wrong, I do…….  my mum and I baked simple sponges in the cooker once in a while and my mum used to tell me how she used to bake biscuits when she was a little girl. That was about it.

However these days, media and social media in particular has such a major influence on you. You have tremendous exposure even while you are sat at home. If you have time on your hands and an interest to learn new stuff, there is plenty out there. So much so, that sometime, you have to stop and think and choose……

Well, coming to my recipe. I have been making this for some time now. It is really amazing how with a single base you can create different things. Initially what attracted me to this recipe was the name “pea-nut-ella rolls”. Doesn’t it sound tempting? Especially if you like the choco-nut combo, which I do.  It was from a blog called Cutchi Kitchen. I came to know this lady through a Facebook group. I must warn you, you are going to hear the word “Facebook” a lot in my write-ups. It has become an integral part of my life in whatever way and I do not regret it.

Getting back to my recipe, these are versatile bread rolls, made with plain flour and are suitable for various fillings. I have made them with Nutella / cheese and chilli flakes / kheema matar (lamb mince and peas made Indian style). I am sure you can come up with more interesting fillings. Thank you Shazia Wahid, although I am not sure if you will read this.

Here goes the recipe: (I know a blog thrives on pictures but I forget to take pictures most of the time. Promise I will do better than this as I go along)

I like to get all the ingredients together and measure them (if possible) before I start the actual baking. If you want to save up on the washing, leave the measuring until later. It is just something I like to do but it is up to you. Everybody has their own style of working.

peanuteela 1

If you are using yeast, the first step is to proof your yeast. Warm the milk in the microwave. Add it to the yeast and sugar. (just add enough milk to cover the yeast, you can add the rest of the milk later). You can do this in your stand mixer bowl / bowl in which you are going to mix / knead the dough or in a separate small bowl. Keep it in a warm place for 10 – 15 minutes. If you live in a warm climate, it might just need 5 – 10 minutes. I try to and do this when I am cooking, so, I don’t have to waste gas or I sometimes I place it near a heater. Yesterday I was running short on time. So, decided to do this.


When the yeast bubbles up, add all your other ingredients, flour, baking powder, salt, melted butter, egg and milk and begin to mix and knead. Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature except for the milk. Milk has to be warm. Also, if you are not sure, add milk little by little as you knead. The dough has to be soft and pliable and not sticky when it is done.


Grease a bowl (or your stand mixer bowl) and place your dough in it and keep it in a warm place until it doubles in size.


Now your dough is ready to roll out and do the filling.


You should end up with something like this. Depending on your filling, you use one or two of these rolled out pieces of dough. Will explain in detail in the main recipe below. Spread out your filling on the rolled out dough. (Shape does matter, so does the thickness).


This is my filling of leftover mince and peas, which I combined with cheese.You can either place the other piece of rolled out dough over it, press it and cut it into strips and roll the strips into circles or you could roll this like a sausage and cut discs. It works both ways.


Place them on a greased tray. You can see in my picture, I have used both techniques. For the mince and peas, i have used the sausage and for the mixed filling I have used the rolling technique.


Cover them with a clean kitchen towel and rest them for 20 minutes. Then bake them at 180*C in a preheated oven for about 15 – 20 minutes and you end up with these.


Yes, silly me, forgot to take pictures of the finished product and this is what was left when I remembered.

These pictures (below) are of my earlier bakes. The first one is chilli and cheese and the second is Nutella with nuts. As I said, the list of options for fillings is endless…..



Bread Rolls


For the rolls

Dried active yeast

Warm milk


Plain flour / Maida

Baking powder


Melted Butter (at room temperature)


2 tsp

1 ½ cup

1 tsp

4 cups

¼ tsp

2 tsp

6 tbs

1 + a little extra for egg wash


Peanut butter



Grated Cheese

Chilli flakes


Lamb mince and peas (Indian style)

3-4 tbs

3-4 tbs

About 8 tbs

½ tsp (adjust more or less to taste)

About 8 tbs


  • Take the yeast in a small bowl and add sugar and some of the warm milk (enough to cover the yeast) and leave it in a warm place to proof for about 10-15 minutes (or until it froths up).
  • Once yeast is all bubbly, mix together all the other ingredients for the roll (flour, salt, egg, melted butter and milk) and knead it to a soft dough. I used a stand mixer to do this step. Also do not add all the milk at one time, you might not need all of it.
  • Once the dough is soft and pliable, grease a big bowl (as the dough will double in size). I used my stand mixer bowl for this. Place the dough in the greased bowl. Cover the bowl with cling film and keep it in a warm place to rise. This takes about an hour. It has to double in size.
  • Once the dough has risen. Take it out of the bowl and divide it into four equal parts. Roll each part into a smooth ball and roll them out into rectangles of approximately 20 cms x 30 cms and of 3 cms thickness.
  • (For the peanutella roll, apply nutella on one rectangle and peanut butter on the other rectangle.
  • Place the rectangles one over the other, sandwiching the fillings. Press firmly.
  • Cut into strips, approximately about 10 – 12 strips.  Twist each strip and roll it in to a circle.)
  • (For cheese and chilli rolls, sandwich the filling between the two rectangles and follow the same procedure as peanutella rolls)
  • (For the lamb mince and peas filling, apply the filling on the rectangle, roll the rectangle into a sausage, making sure you do it firmly and cut the sausage into discs)
  • Place the rolls on a greased oven tray and cover with a kitchen towel / cling film. Keep them in a warm place for about 20 minutes.
  • Pre-heat oven to 180*C. Remove towel / cling film from the trays. Bake the rolls for about 15 – 20 minutes in the pre-heated oven until they are golden brown. Mine took about 16 minutes but all ovens vary.
  • Cool them on a wire rack for best results (they retain their texture). If you have any leftover, store them in air tight container.

They are best eaten on the day. If you have them the next day, heat them lightly before serving. If you are lazy (like me) to switch on the oven, put the rolls on a tava / frying pan and cover with a domed lid. Place the tava over a low flame for about 4-5 minutes and they are ready to eat.


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