Heard the word”blog” a long time back but didn’t quite understand what it was at the time…Slowly but surely it started making sense…….now, I have seen and read loads……but somehow still felt it wasn’t for me. I do write a little bit but didn’t want to get into blogging for 2 reasons:

Firstly I thought it was too complicated for me and secondly I didn’t want an obsession, which would keep me away from my routine work. If I get involved in anything, I go very deep……sometimes, get lost in it and forget the world……obviously, I can not (and do not) give up my day job (home maker) but all my spare time and my energy is directed towards it. I guess as long as I don’t neglect the important stuff in life, it doesn’t really matter…….and recently 2 people suggested that I should start one and one of them (my uncle) took time out to explain the positives and somehow convinced me. So, here I am, with my very first post…..

I was thinking maybe I should introduce myself and I am going to keep this brief. Even in my school days, I loved writing. In fact, English and French were my favourite subjects….hey, hang on, I even enjoyed Maths and Accountancy. I am not sure where the link was or if there was any……perhaps good teachers…I don’t know…..

Anyway, as it happens, got busy with life and didn’t have time for much else……having said that, whenever, I was on my own, either doing something or just sitting around (or having a bath), I had long conversations with myself, discussing and debating various things……but never penned (or typed) down anything up until recently.

Actually FaceBook gave me a platform to practice my writing skills. Sometimes, it would be a short status…..sometimes, long posts…….this helped me share things with others……feelings, emotions, facts or a plain old rant.

Hopefully, I am embarking on a long, pleasant journey……..wish me luck folks 🙂


6 thoughts on “……me……

  1. Congratulations Anees! Welcome to the blogging world. Hope to see you make a success of this as you make of everything you touch. All the very best.


  2. All the very best. Hope you have found your vocation. May Allah and His Fourteen shower their blessings on you always.


  3. hey Anees,
    It’s been great reading your introduction on your blog. Like you, I’m nervous about things I don’t fully understand involving technology !
    I look forward to your updates and anything else you may want to share 🙂


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